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Mama Me


So, as I write these first few lines I have been here 42 days as of, yes that’s right 42 days since Saturday 2nd April 2016, lent would have been easier. The hospital walls have grown tired, the blue is clinical, and so my steroidal pumped head needed a plan, plan blogging! This site is for all Crohns, UC, IBD or just general tummy sufferers, I figured ten years of a disease and a bag full of knowledge it couldn’t hurt to share some of my experiences? (Less of the medical more the real life shiz)

I am currently 23 weeks pregnant, embarking on mama ville which to be honest is the blank unknown bit of life to come on my website, which I hope grows into wonderful stories. Aside from the present, I am a 30-year-old, a full-time career woman, small socialite that loves my music, festivals, friends and family, having travelled a bit also. I’m a good house wife and cottage owner, adores home cooking, experimenting with food and doing a spot of gardening, we have our very own grow patch, all with a dodgy large bowel that has caused no end of mischief for the past ten years, so .. don’t let the Crohns mama name put you off, it’s not all motherhood and women, I am a mama of all trades and interests, I am in fact just a general mama trying to survive Crohns disease, I hope my blog words appeal to all walks of life, as my journey progresses I will update and keep you entertained as best I can, albeit whilst trying to provide a small degree of support, insight and usefulness … if not anything else sanity..

I’m Sally-Ann, nice to meet you 🙂