PICC Line – Say what?

Has anyone seen such a contraption? PICC. Peripherally inserted central catheter.

So, I had this mini op two days ago after five weeks of every four days changing my cannulas for drugs. I think I have had a total of eleven different cannulas, all wiggling, staring at me saying either don’t worry Sal I will hold out for you, or actually nah I am going to pop at 2 am in the morning mid infusion. The joy. so lets wait for a Doctor to cannulise me at 4 am, why not, got nothing else better to do. Why didn’t anyone mention this beauty?!

The procedure was painless, albeit I had to lie under a plastic sheet like a potato for 40 minutes sweating whilst they ultra sounded and messed with my arm. I did a few deep breaths and remembered that the nose tube was worse! All you potential PICC liners, its great, if you are having long-term treatment then don’t fear it will make your life so much easier, just don’t wait five weeks like poor me.

They come up with, ah, lets put a PICC in you, which is great, up to six months it can stay. and then.. they change me to TABLETS ! (oh boy). I’m happy with my new friend, it will come in handy with a planned C-section, plus bloods and infusions, I only wish it was done sooner, but hey, no one wanted me in here this long lets face it.


Spring /Summer Arm Fashion 2016

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