The Amazing MRI – Hello Baby Girl.

The upsides of my pregnancy Crohn’s flare has been the fact that all they can do is MRI scan me rather than x-ray or any cameras up the bum, hurrah. I was naturally worried at me and baby going in the ring of magnetics but check out these pics … beats ultrasound scans for any new mother,

and guess what, the first time I felt baby was in the scanner, wriggling around and doing somersaults. Loving the vibrations, whilst mommy is in pain.

All I did for 40 minutes in that hole was cry hot salty tears, pain, joy, nervousness, all rolled in to one.

Meet Baby Williams in my skinny crohns body, sat between my hip bones waving – oh and by the way she’s a girl !

scan 1

Here’s one of my cervix facing up. They are looking at my bum, how lovely but look at baby just chilling in the armchair, what pain huh? look at the little head and arm stretched out…. The gift of life is amazing.

scan 7

Look at the little foot and bum….

scan 4

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