Dear Crohns….

Mr A.Crohns

1 Large Bowel Passage

Instestine Street





Thursday 19th May 2016

Dear Crohns…

It is World IBD day today, and I have washed and straightened by hair.

My new soft maternity jeans are on, they may be baggy, but that’s because you won’t let me put on any weight. But they are on.

Mascara is on, and I have been for a peppermint tea at Costa in the hospital with a friend.

My friends are in purple so I am told, the force is strong.  I feel good, I can walk properly. Remicade infusion tomorrow, just saying. Me and baby are doing fine.

I hate your guts. I am winning, you’re not.

Yours sincerely,


Great Video.




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