24th May 2016

Cloud 9.

The weekend has been just bliss. It’s like being given a second life when you come out of hospital, and the weather hasn’t been bad either. Thank you sun for that vitamin D. May it continue.
This morning I wake up very bleary eyed, the past two nights there has been a marked change in my body. I dropped the tablets on Sunday by 5mg and ever since my heart rate has dropped and I have slept. Well, I have slept and then slept some more and have had two afternoon naps. I slept through the night on Sunday for the first time in what must be six months. Funny how you take things for granted ! Hence the delay in writing.
For non Crohns sufferers when you flare your colon is inflamed at certain points of the tract. This often means when you eat and food passes over those inflamed areas you need to go to the toilet a lot as you cannot hold anything. This could be up to 20 times a day and night. Exhausting. The bathroom becomes your bedroom. The higher the inflammation in your tract the shorter time you have from when eating food, so it’s just a logistical nightmare when out and about or at work. Not to mention tiring , and painful. So sleeping through is a big deal for us crohnies, it means the inflammation is controlled. Like playing a game of snakes and ladders and getting to the finish line without slipping down the snake! Or something like that.
Last night was a different story though, I slept but I now have a new condition that keeps me up all night because I can’t breathe unless I use the air purifier (or I call it the pollen extractor, all sufferers invest) in my room before I sleep!
Hay Fever. I hate you. The summer condition. You start and the Crohns will ease. Typical. I have an autoimmune problem for all the seasons, how lovely. So now I’m half doped on drugs, with a blocked nose, weeing too many times pregnant on legs that have no muscles, with a bowel that kind of holds through the night – progress ! ? Hmm (okay stop moaning sal, it’s fine I can stay indoors and Internet shop at least)

I am sure I’ll survive the annual snot event Hayfever brings. What I have thought about today though is how I will survive these night feeds this is more daunting! With the self description above its starting to dawn on me that most women are thinking this , without the added list of inflictions! I think I’m ready for the scrap heap, this child is going to think , really ? This is my mom!
I also figured that celebrating a full nights sleep is also on the agenda for most parents – I am just trying to get my own basic functions sorted thanks and then I’m going to be catapulted into a world where being a zombie is a cert and sleep is not an option!
Now I don’t for one minute think I’m going to get the perfect child or have sleep for the next century (nothing new there) but any person with chronic illness with a new baby is going to be tough. I need sleep to heal, baby needs food. baby won’t sleep. Mom is shattered and fatigued more than usual. So I guess the dishevelled mom look will have to be carried off by me from August 2016 onwards. That or I need a mortgage to invest in Kim Kardashians Glamsquad. Not sure maternity will stretch to this? However if there is a case for this cause I had my nails done today at home by my friend Jade , all pretty and glittery and pastel .. I do think it’s good for your soul being pampered so maybe I will recruit a Glamsquad, just an affordable one… A local Glamsquad.
or, if any one knows the answer to this small dilemma then please let me know the solution, I have eleven weeks to marathon sleep before she comes ! (Night bottle volunteers welcome, Hi Nanny ! )
So back to this 11 weeks malarkey! Yes that’s right , I got my C section date yesterday – 10th August 2016. My Remicade infusion falls at week 28 and week 36 of pregnancy, so to avoid baby having a dose of the good stuff in the third trimester she is coming out .. Then I’ll have it before I go home. Finally something is on my side , the dates fall just right so I’m happy. I just need to get there now, but I’m not wishing my life away. I want to enjoy this pregnancy bit for a little while. 🙂 yesterday was a good day , nice and planned. She is a little on the small size , even though I have been eating 30 Jaffa cakes in one sitting. But with fortnightly scans I hope she catches up or I will have to eat more crohns friendly cake (or biscuits and cake). I’m sure my steroidal moon face will love that .. Big bump, big head .. Again more reason for a Glamsquad. Contouring for cake shall be called.

Today I attended the funeral of my dear friend Amy’s father. Her father passed away on the 7th May 2016 suddenly ; the service was beautiful. Amy’s mum, 38 years married conducted the Eulogy, this lastest most of the service, so brave, inspiring and confident. She had the strength to do this in church because she has her faith in God and it made her strong. Taught me a few lessons about faith, love , life and death I tell you.

My nephew was born this morning at 05.30am, Alfie Theodore came into the world. He is the most handsome little man. A new life begins. A new family member. All of this joy and sadness in just 24 hours, it reminds me how lucky we all are to have life and live life, no one avoids the inevitable, so just live as happy you can.
The  adventures continue . 🙂


About crohnsmamashttps://crohnsmamascouk.wordpress.comMom blogger with Crohns Disease, the more active the crohns the more active the blog ! :)

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