Best. Day. Of my life. To date! 

If you would have told me last week I would be able to sit in this chair and look out to the boats on the river I wouldn’t have believed you … 
Getting up the stairs was an impossible mission. Now I am three hours away , a slice of heaven. So this is my little resting place on this bank holiday weekend. Our six year anniversary. 
Desperate for some normality. This had to be the weekend to break free from the appointments, district nurse and chasing people to organise my life. It’s been a good week though I have seen my amazing friends, who have kept me company and smiling in the garden. I have seen baby, met our new baby nephew, slept and shopped (just a little essentials, for baby of course) 
But this weekend is about us. Just normality. Doing couple things, driving to the beach, sand between toes, normal chats, ice-cream and a few nap times in between. Well this is the plan anyway, we shall see. 

So it’s 3.40pm , lunch and nap done. Peppermint tea and maybe eleven Jaffa cakes eaten .. Oh and a ‘bit’ of bread and butter pudding (I uncontrollable have cake issues).

The tide is high enough for a little boat trip.  We are so lucky that Matts mum and step dad Clive live in such a beautiful part of the world, on the river and the sea. There is something about water, so peaceful, makes me so happy, I could bob along on a boat all day. 
We always love our boat trips. We have so many memories, summer in the river, picnics on the bank for our first anniversary, bringing our friends and drinking lots of bubbles, New Year’s Day trips, trips to go eat fresh seafood and summer family trips with the little ones 🙂 it’s our fun place, familiar and safe but fun. 

We go down to the jetty, the first big weak crohns hurdle is the steps down to the boat. No upper or lower body strength, plus a bump . Plus a balloon face which prevents me from looking down I’m kind of screwed ! but it’s okay Matty to the rescue.. Despite my (unusual) moaning and panicking protesting to go on I was airlifted down .. Denise, Matt and Clive determined to get me aboard ! 

The Sun is amazing, I find my usual spot in the corner at that back of the boat. Matts on his umpteenth beer, after his bottle of lunch wine, standard. Now I’m down, I’m happy , I’m not moving , yay river trip. 

We always go down the river to the north sea, but not today, today we went up river. Right back to our spot we had a picnic on five years ago, got slightly drunk and stranded in mud in a dingy, with oars. Oars are fine if you can row, I can’t row. Dropping the oar in the river was also not my best moment. Let’s just say getting back to the boat was slightly fractious. Nearly ended at one year there and then. 

My rowing skills are still below average. We have never been on a river picnic since. 

So Matt made me stand up (after I had just got comfy) so I could see the very spot we were stranded all those years ago. Again, moaning reluctantly I hold my tummy and clamber up with a face like a bulldog … All I want to do is bask in the sun, like a fat seal on a rock.. Give me a break !

So here I am looking at a patch of grass. The river bank I have seen a million times .. however lovely grass it is. Matts mum has an unhealthy obsession with her camera , as matts says she is like paparazzi, the lens is in your face all day, I know I have been incarcerated for a few months but jeez Denise we don’t need any unfiltered snaps today – I haven’t brushed my hair! It’s just a little low key boat trip. Chill ! 
I turn around and Matt (in his shades) is literally on one knee, opening a small black box. And says …. 

You know how much I love you , would you do me the honour of marrying me? 

To which. In shock, I proceed to say for a five minutes .. Something like .. Shit , shut up , is this a wind up, I can’t believe this is happening .. 

Matt waits patiently, and then says well are you going to answer me sal? Errrrr … (I have just peered into the box to see the most beautiful sparkling ring that I’m fixated on) … Of course Matty! Of course. 

The love of my life. My best friend and Soul mate. Of course I will marry you. 

My fiancé. Eek. 

So there it is. A life changing day – Another life changing event, baby, engaged , poorliness – my ticker can’t take any more.  No Moët for me, instead we are snuggled on the sofa, peppermint tea and pjs like a normal weekend night. Weird. 

My life is crazy. 

Matt had this planned for months, he booked Italy before I got sick, to Milan for shopping. Then a first class train to Lake Como, he booked a boat and cable car, with a meal at the marketplace restaurant. He booked this twice .. And cancelled twice. Gutted. Damn you, Crohns. Matt even considered proposing in the hospital, room 6 , ward 727. I’m so glad I made it out. Today was perfect.  Most Special. Italy will happen another time .. 🙂 

The ring, wow, is amazing. I’m so lucky. Vintage war time diamonds completely reset and the band hand carved. Platinum  band with the original gold band melted in the inside of the ring. All made lovingly by our best friend Richard Waller. A true diamond geezer and Jewellery dealer . Shameless plug for Stonehouse Jewellery, Jewellery Quarter,Birmingham  🙂 

The ring belonged to a couple who were married for a life time. Till death do us part. so love story continues. (As long as I don’t need to row) 

So I guess I now understand why I was airlifted onto the boat today under duress, guess it was third time lucky Matt. 

So another mad day in May. Signing off as Mrs Williams to be . Fiancé. 

About crohnsmamashttps://crohnsmamascouk.wordpress.comMom blogger with Crohns Disease, the more active the crohns the more active the blog ! :)

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