27 Weeks ! 

So it’s a new week and a new load of hospital activities .. I always find myself always writing in some sort of waiting room. Today I’m at my bi weekly growth scan .. My appointment time was an hour ago.. So guess I’m in for a hot and sweaty wait … 
She was a little small two weeks ago so I’m really hoping she has caught up. Saying that I don’t really understand this growth line chart that seems to dominate my green pregnancy notes; notes that are chained to every pregnant woman’s side. Not all babies are the same right ? They all can’t grow at perfect rates and we all don’t have the same length arms, heads and legs ? I was small and ended up 5ft 6 .. Surely we all are what we are and we get to the end goal eventually ? 
Anyway. We don’t mind as long as I see her again and she is healthy and moving, we are happy. 🙂 let’s just hope the steroids aren’t stunting her growth too much to be too worried about … I haven’t even started thinking about a hospital bag.. Saying that I should be a pro with hospital supplies ! 
Can’t believe that I’m 27 weeks .. 10 weeks ago was a whole different battle, and I didn’t know if she would have a chance to get to 24 weeks .. I am pleased we are here 🙂 

So after and hour and a half I get to see that little face and hands again wriggling all over the screen, she is still a small baby, 10th percentile they say, so 90% of other babies at her gestational age are bigger. It’s mainly her little legs now, her head measurement has caught up but her legs are still behind. I more amniotic fluid surrounding the baby than most which could mean different things and the blood flow through the plancenta is slightly higher than norm, they call the fluid problem polyhydraminios so the scanner started checking her mouth and stomach to make sure she is swallowing properly. She is. And no signs of cleft palette. So can tick that box off. Sometimes it’s a sign of diabetes , but my glucose test came back normal from the other day , so I can tick that off also. I asked my consultant about it and he didn’t seem too concerned at this stage, but he did ask if I was tested for Down Syndrome to which I was and it came back low range, so I’m trying not to go into panic mode just yet about any abnormalities. 
I have been Crohn’s malnourished for a long time and anaemic so I expected her to be small, this could be another reason the measurements have come out the way they are so I need to keep eating good food and taking my vitamins with bed rest and hopefully she will keep growing and catch up. I must admit everything hurts now, my weak body is struggling all day to walk or bend, so bed rest sounds like a good plan. 
The consultant disappointed me today though, he didn’t say much in the way of anything about my results, he was more concerned with organising a million blood tests, so I don’t feel 100% reassured. He didn’t say anything worrying, just more bloods and more scans weekly. So I do what I always do when I don’t have answers …. I google stuff to try and make some sense of this growth chart…. 
A lady online seemed to have similar results to me and she was told that sometimes when the baby grows the essential vitamins it takes via the placenta goes to the vital organs first like brain and heart, and having weekly scans sometimes makes it worse for high risk mums because it’s such an intense focus … whilst healthy mums don’t get the luxury of weekly growth measurement grilling because their scans are much further apart and a lot happens to a baby in a couple of weeks. Not sure if that helps , you try and find some reassurance from anywhere don’t you ? I guess what will be will be and I shouldn’t Google stuff and relax for now. Just another hurdle to jump right? 

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