Food Glorious Food

Goodbye Jaffa cakes you have been such a good friend to me you orangey chocolatey goodness… I can no longer survive on your little round sponge faces. I fear that I have consumed over a 1000 of the things and my unborn child will have to be named Jaffa. Jaffa will not look good on her future CV so I must move on to something more sustainable …

So long low fibre diet! It’s time to get back to cooking the yummy stuff I did before, still simple, but yet a little more adventurous and healthy for the tummy – don’t want to upset the balance. I’m obsessed with Instagram foodies, aside from the mouth-watering macaroni cheese, burgers and lobster rolls I’m forever salivating over I have to remember that the good old avocado on toast is still as sexy and less fat!

Problem with crohns sometimes is the healthy food isn’t always the easiest to digest, so the pretty quinoa breakfast bowls, chia pots, raw diet recipes and the vegan delights I aspire to recreate are often full of lovely acidic fruit, seeds and fibrous veg that tends to cause pain and discomfort. You can’t win, unless you blend everything! Hence the mash potato and jaffa cake diet often wins.

I bought a few new recipe books earlier this year though that have given me inspiration to just cook clean, plus the countless blogs I follow makes me want to get back to good habits. Sometimes you just need a bit of time.


Easy Peasy Pancakes

This pancake recipe is my favourite plus it is gluten free and made with banana. Pancakes are my fave, I have tried so many recipes but this is bar far the one for me. I make enough batter for a couple of days and I always add blueberries topped with honey – easiest breakfast ever!

Check out the link for the recipe, these guys do some great food workshops too….


Homemade Sauerkraut

I love Sauerkraut, always have, especially on sandwiches with some ham, or a little bit on the side of my plate. So much to my delight when I bought the Hemsley and Hemsley cook book I can now make my own. Simple, shred a whole cabbage into a jar, add a little water and rock salt – seal and leave it to ferment for a couple of weeks, turning the jar every now and then. Not only tasty but it’s a natural probiotic so great for tummies. I can only have a little bit at a time mind! It now has pride of place in the fridge door shelf stored in a big kilner jar.




Dreamy Detox Juice

I love ginger, it saved me at the start of my pregnancy. Any excuse for a ginger biscuit! I also love home-made ginger beer which takes a little more patience, so I leave that one to Matt.

Its (supposed to be) the warmer season so I need to get the juicer out again, but as said, I have to be careful with juice when I am not well it can be too much for crohns despite being a healthy drink. I normally stick to banana based smoothies until I am feeling brave! However, I am missing one of my favourite juices though, the dreamy detox. Apple, ginger and lemon tastes so good together, ginger being a natural anti-inflammatory – which I am all for. I’ve always followed Jason Vale and his juice books, the three day juice diet is a good one if you need to loose pounds quick. I couldn’t juice for any more than three days at a time plus I’m not really in diet mode at the moment but for anyone that fancies a go then follow his ‘Juice Tube’ videos for inspiration… let’s face it juicing isn’t rocket science and they are better in summer than the cold winter !12



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