Week 30.. A good week 

Week 30 and I’m feeling more pregnant than ever … Bump definitely feels more apart of me now than it did a few weeks ago. I move and she seems to move with me, which is a little more helpful than the debilitating states I seemed to find myself in everyday. 
I haven’t blogged for what seems ages .. Okay it’s only a week but I felt I needed to go offline and be miserable for a bit as the pesky pills have been knocking me for six. Every time I reduce it becomes a little harder to manage, I wake up feeling like a 90 year old .. And stay like that for two days ! Thank god for Disney films and trashy TV. 
Anyway the hard bit is nearly done , I have one little half a pill to drop and then I’m done for a while, well until baby or until is here I’m on maintenance dose. Hurrah! 
Aside from these physical side effects I’m doing okay.. I have five weeks left to try and enjoy this pregnant momma state before the big C. So that’s what I’m going to do.. Be less couch potato and more functional human where possible 🙂 
My mom car was delivered this week … Goodbye fun car and hello sensible! The nursery still needs to be completed and I have started thinking about batch cooking for post birth survival! Oh the joys … All recipes welcome if anyone has some yummy dinners I can whip up and freeze by the dozen 🙂 
Yesterday we attended our local beer festival … The first time out properly since February socially ! Yay progress and normality .. It was great to see so many friends and catch up, I even drank three vimtos until I could stand no more and needed to head home to my familiar PJs … Wild! I also begged the GP last week to let me do some light hours at work to make me feel sane before maternity commences ( I could write an essay on how mental I feel at times in the house talking to the cat) … so I’m going to see how that pans out and hopefully attempt a commute to work … never thought I’d be so excited about going into the office ! 
All in all week 30 feels good little bit of progress from all angles , despite the pain and the new pregnancy symptoms which I will spare you the details .. July might be a semi normal month all being well …I know August isn’t going to be so I pray July is on my side ! Baby scan tomorrow again though so to be continued …. 

About crohnsmamashttps://crohnsmamascouk.wordpress.comMom blogger with Crohns Disease, the more active the crohns the more active the blog ! :)

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