Baby Shower 

My baby shower day had arrived this Saturday, and what a day it was.. My favourite kind of shower. 
I have been looking forward to this day for ages … It meant two things in my book. Number one, I made it ‘out’ of the hospital and I got this far. Number two… I get to see most of my favourite family girls and friends. I also love a garden party, especially at home… I’m a home bird these days and I feel safe at home 🙂
The idea of inviting all your favourite females to come and celebrate the impending birth of baby, feed all of them with cake in return for gifts is one that I have always been a little cringe over .. somehow this American traditional feels slightly cheeky and excessive, but that’s probably just the British in me. I have always loved attending others but never imagined my own. I can however say, I am now completely sold on the idea and would happily have one every weekend ! 
Matt took me out for the morning whilst my girls Jade, Helen and Gem were busy beavering away decorating the house. Alongside mum and my (future) mother in law who both made enough cake to feed a small army. Cake talk became a theme of the weekend, my mum was proud of her cupcake making skills so much she is now renamed Nanny Cupcake. Matts mum was slightly miffed about the taste of her chocolate cake versus Helens mums chocolate cake making skills that she insisted Matt do a blind test. Let’s just say it didn’t quite work in her favour .. (they were both amazing )!! Nevertheless who knew cake baking was so competitive … Mary Berrys everywhere.

I felt anxious just at the very thought of having people organise stuff for me. I am a complete control freak … I am the organiser , the doer .. I don’t feel comfortable sitting back and having it done for me. Again .. I am now completely sold on this also …!! 🙂 
Matt had clear instructions to bring me home for 2pm. Admittedly the timings were a little off .. He did do a few laps of Bromsgrove coupled with a random stop at the local garden centre for a ‘plant’ he needed … He never bought any plant. We just walked through the garden centre randomly and got back in the car , his stalling tactics were a little transparent but I went along with it (haha) It didn’t do wonders for my anxiety all this waiting so in the midst of floating around to be ‘allowed’ to return home I suddenly had a full pregnant bladder and butterflies in my tummy. (This is not good for a recovering colon, currently squashed somewhere under baby). 
Thanks to my brother in law Tom, who took an impromptu call and allowed me to randomly drop by, use his loo and walk out again. How polite of him! I barely made conversation!

Anyway back to the big do.. I turned up and the house was amazing . Cakes and sandwiches everywhere , bunting , balloons and paper poms all matching the nursery colours , grey and lemon yellow. My 2 year old niece, Summer greeted me with a ‘mum to be’ rosette badge to wear, begrudgingly I have to add. She wasn’t too keen handing over my wrapped present until she was told it was ‘my birthday’ he he .. 

The day was perfect, we have been ridiculously spoilt . I need to blog separately just about gifts! I was slightly jealous of the Pimms and Prosecco being consumed but hey… I’ve gone this far what’s another 4 weeks! My mum had my share anyway 😉 ! 

We now need a bigger house to put the presents away. This week I will be kept busy in between hospital appointments writing thank you cards … It’s going to take me a while ! Look at this …. 

Once again, can’t thank everyone enough ..eternally grateful.  The countdown has begun. We can do this ! 

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