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It makes me happy to see that places like Asda are making it a little easier for people with invisible disabilities to use their toilet facilities without being judged because there is no obvious physical impairment. 

I’d really appreciate it if you lovely blog readers would take 2 minutes of your time to click on the link and fill out the form on the Crohns and Colitis website to get other major supermarkets to follow suit. Don’t need your money 🙂 just your name and email address please !!  

Education is really important to stop the ignorance and unnecessary embarrassment for sufferers when out and about trying to do normal things like the weekly shop 🙂
Thanks 🙂 

About crohnsmamashttps://crohnsmamascouk.wordpress.comMom blogger with Crohns Disease, the more active the crohns the more active the blog ! :)

Let me know what you think :)

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