Number 5 makes me feel alive … (I hope) 

Well here I am parked in the corner of bay D, ward 620. Most people bring magazines and a handbag of some sort. I have a pram, a baby bag, my bag and enough bottles and hot water to ensure we don’t get caught short on milk time and enough spare clothes just in case we have any explosions on our day out! I have lost the meaning of travelling light … if I could plug in the bottle making machine I would have probably brought that also. 

I’m on infusion number five … thank god because the last couple of weeks I’ve been a bit ropey. You forget what it’s like to feel poorly and in pain until it comes back and punches you right between the eyes, or the bum in my case! However I can’t complain so far so good, it seems to be working to a point. 

Infliximab infusions I have decided are a bit like a reward scheme … the more you have the shorter they get. Okay not as prosperous as my nectar points or Boots Advantage card maybe but getting told that I only have to spend two hours hooked up instead of three is a bonus. Mostly because as the time ticks my clockwork baby will need feeding spot on the four hour mark, she will not compromise so I’m already planning the logistics of leaving the hospital to my next point of call without having to sit in the car for ever feeding the little billy goat clocking up car parking charges. 

Baby is not too impressed with today’s itinery ….

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