My very own Radar Key ! 

So last week I got my very own radar key, the gateway to all the locked disabled toilets in public places in the U.K. As part of being a Crohns and Colitis UK member the charity kindly posted me one out for free. 

Apart from the key being HUGE, it’s a comfort to have it for those just in case moments. I mean, for sure I always consider myself ‘able’ so I don’t tend to think that I’m allowed to use the disabled toilets, which is silly really, I’ve always felt like I’d be watched or judged. I guess that isn’t far from the truth , as most people would see what appears to be an able bodied women just taking liberties (probably) ! 

Anyway, we will see if I get any reactions as I casually open the locked disabled doors with my magic key in my time of need. To be honest though, in my time of need I probably won’t give a s@&t what anyone else thinks anyway 🙂 

About crohnsmamashttps://crohnsmamascouk.wordpress.comMom blogger with Crohns Disease, the more active the crohns the more active the blog ! :)

Let me know what you think :)

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