Throwback Thursday 

April 6th 2016. I felt my little baby kick for the first time. Still yet to know whether baby was pink or blue I felt my tummy doing flips and somersaults, whilst lying flat and rigid in a loud, noisy and claustrophobic MRI scanner. I could barely walk or hold my head up, I was choking on the nose tube and I’d been in pain for weeks. I can’t remember much of the room but I can still remember that feeling. 

In that desperate moment I knew it was going to be okay. She was telling me to fight. 

I don’t think I would have got through that week without her. The worst and the best moments of my life. 

The first time little Isla properly waved ‘hello’…. 

A tiny miracle, with a head no bigger than my hip joints. Wow. Without that scan that day I would never have got such a precious little snap. 

The reason I post tonight is because I found this cute poem I wanted to share. I must have saved it at the time. It definitely kept me going, brings back lots of emotions and warm tears for sure. Strength, hope, courage and terrible fear but despite that a little bit of determination. 

Mummy can you feel me,

I’m wriggling for you,

I can hear you say you love me, 

Mum, I love you too, 

Very soon you’ll meet me, 

And kiss my little face, 

I will feel your warm skin, 

And admire you for your strength and grace. 

Mummy are you ready, my life’s about to start, 

I will hold your little finger, 

But you will hold my heart.

I’d do it all again in a heartbeat ❤️

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